[Recap] “Agrofuels” & “The Dirty Truth About Coal”

“Anything that begins with good intentions, ends successfully.”
                                                                                 -Author Unknown
I don’t know who this quote is from, but I did hear it often while growing up, and I do find myself saying it to my daughter.
The same thing could be said about the Central Mass Film Festival(CMF2); it was created with good intentions and some very big aspirations.  Having had 2 screenings, the first event was held on October 20th, where we screened the short film “Cat Scratch”, along with the full-length feature “The Muse”. Continue reading [Recap] “Agrofuels” & “The Dirty Truth About Coal”

A Christmas Kiss – Friday, December 7th

CMF2′s 3rd event will be a screening of “A Christmas Kiss”, and discussion with the John Stimpson, Director and Andrea Ajemian, Co-Producer of Moody Independent Friday, December 7th at the Cantina Bar & Grill (385 Main St. in Worcester) 7 – 10 p.m. Free and open to the public. All ages.