[Recap] “Agrofuels” & “The Dirty Truth About Coal”

“Anything that begins with good intentions, ends successfully.”
                                                                                 -Author Unknown
I don’t know who this quote is from, but I did hear it often while growing up, and I do find myself saying it to my daughter.
The same thing could be said about the Central Mass Film Festival(CMF2); it was created with good intentions and some very big aspirations.  Having had 2 screenings, the first event was held on October 20th, where we screened the short film “Cat Scratch”, along with the full-length feature “The Muse”.Matt Feinstein- Director- Ciclovida Lifecyle “Agrofuels”
The group continued the upward trajectory with “Agrofuels” and “The Dirty Truth About Coal”, 2 documentaries that highlight how agrofuels are taking over the countryside and displacing millions of farmers and indigenous communities, and the effects of emissions from coal-fired power plants on public health.
First and foremost, we have to say a BIG “thank you” to Cantina Bar & Grill’s owner Grace Carvajal and the awesome staff for allowing CMF2 to have the events there!  Without your support CMF2 would not have been able to step off on the good foot.
Both events were well attended, folks had a good time, and the question and answer sessions, which are held after each screening, allowed folks to ask the directors, producers and those involved with the films questions and get answers directly from the source.
So, if you missed these 2 phenomenal events, don’t fret, you can attend the screening of “A Christmas Kiss” which was directed by John Stimpson, and co-produced by Andrea Ajemian, who’ll be in attendance and answering questions about the film and their other projects.
Alexia Prichard-Director- Closed Loop Films “The Dirty Truth About Coal”
In the meantime, enjoy some pictures from the Nov. 17th event, and we hope to see on Friday, Dec. 7th at the Cantina Bar & Grill for “A Christmas Kiss”.
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