[Recap] It’s A “Boyband” Kinda Night at the Hotel Vernon

_MG_6530What do get when you mix the clothing, cars, and era-specific language with an ‘80s attitude?Swatch

The end product is the laugh-out-loud “Boyband” movie, which was filmed throughout Worcester County, with many of the scenes being shot in Worcester.

CMFF_POSTER_BOYBAND 1-9-13_smThe Central Mass Film Festival (CMF2) held the first screening of 2013, at the famous Ship Room at the Hotel Vernon, which was built in 1901 and features a speakeasy that was heavily used during prohibition, and is said to be frequented by the likes of Babe Ruth and maybe a few politicians that called Worcester home.


With a packed crowd that compromised of college students from the local colleges to folks that have lived in Worcester or the surrounding towns for more than 25-years, the Ship Room was lively and folks had a great time mingling.

Many folks commented that they had never been to the Hotel Vernon and were excited to have an excuse to the visit the historic building.

Let the fun begin.


The feature-length film brought back memories of the ‘80s with the Rainbow Bright clothing, the spiked hair and make-up that would make Cyndi Lauper proud.

If you missed the screening of “Boyband” in 2010 at Worcester Showcase North and more recently, don’t worry because we were told that the movie will be available on DVD in the near future so you can purchase your copy and have Andrea Ajemian, Jon Artigo and Kaz Gamble autograph it.

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