CMF2 Announces 2013 Fall Festival Schedule


Fall Screening Schedule

Friday, October 18th


Short Film Program

Venue: Perfect Game

64 Water Street, Worcester MA 01604

  • “Home Sweet Home” by John Rodas
  • “Gowanus” by Michael E. Wood
  • “Catch Me If You Can” (Music Video) by Dan Rosario
  • “Out Of The Night” by Skip Shea
  • “Little Pen Lost” by Julia Radochia
  • “Victim” (Music Video) by Dan Moraru
  • “Residual” by Christopher D. Grace
  • “Mulligan’s Island” (Music Video) by Jeffrey Palmer
  • “Mona Lisa” by Tamisha Claudia Francois
  • “Girls Night Out” by Rufus Chaffee
  • Sneak Screening of “Killing Khan” by J.R. Hepburn


Saturday, October 19th


Documentary Program


9 Kelley Square, Worcester, MA 01604

  •  “Can I Ask You Something?” by Benjamin Meadows
  • “The Journey: The Road To Recovery” by Mattie Castile and Angelique Webster
  • “Kicked From Place To Place” by Abena Oworae and N-CITE Media
  • “Looking From The Inside Out” by Katrese Anderson, Ngoc Ngo, Joseline Vazquez,  and N-CITE Media
  • “Hip Hop: The Come Up” by Joshua Lopez, Dominque McQuiller, Olutimileyin Ogunjobi, and N-CITE Media
  • “The Day I Said Goodbye” by Caleb Encarracion-Rivera, Muneera Issa, Paul Takahashi,  and N-CITE Media
  • “Women Together: From Tragedy To Triumph” by Nicole Belanger

Saturday, October 19th


Feature Program


9 Kelley Square, Worcester MA 01604

  • “The Crooked Man” by Al Galvin
  • “Palace Living” by Zack Ordynans