And the Winners Are…YOU!

CMF2_Fri_From_outside_widThe Canal District and specifically the Perfect Game served as the host site for the kick off event for the 1st Annual Fall 2013 Film Festival by the Central Mass Film Festival (CMF2).

The Perfect Game, which is located in the heart of the Canal District at 64 Water Street, was buzzing with excitement as filmmakers, directors, editors and actors gathered in the function room and mingled as club-like music played over the speakers.

The energy was very positive and attendees traveled from Maine, Providence, RI, Connecticut and Massachusetts.CMF2_Fri_Crowd Friday’s event featured short films:

  • “Home Sweet Home” by John Rodas
  • “Gowanus 83” by Michael E. Wood
  • “Catch Me If You Can” (Music Video) by Dan Rosario
  • “Out Of The Night” by Skip Shea
  • “Little Pen Lost” by Julia Radochia
  • “Victim” (Music Video) by Dan Moraru
  • “Residual” by Christopher D. Grace
  • “Mulligan’s Island” (Music Video) by Jeffrey Palmer
  • “Mona Lisa” by Tamisha Claudia Francois
  • “Girls Night Out” by Rufus Chaffee
  • Sneak Screening of “Killing Khan” by J.R. Hepburn

After each film was shown a Q & A was held with the projects’ director, actors and/or representative so that the audience could ask questions directly as well as share some insight about making the film and additional upcoming projects.

Once the films and music videos were shown, it was time for the audience to cast their vote for the prestigious “Audience Award” and the winner was “Girls Night Out” directed by Rufus Chaffee.

CMF2_Fri_GNO_awardRufus Chaffee was on hand to receive the award and thanked the audience for voting for “Girls Night Out” and shared the limelight with co-writer Kristen Lucas, Executive Producer Barbara Guertin, actress Sam Pannier and the inspiration for one of the film’s characters, Courtney Petrou-Bateman.

Then, it was time to move onto the Grand Prize award!

The winning film was “Home Sweet Home” by John Rodas from Peabody, MA, who was joined by his Executive Director, Johnny Wowk. John thanked the CMF2 staff for selecting “Home Sweet Home” as the Grand Prize winner, along with his wife who lived in Worcester for a number of years, as well as his sisters who were in attendance.

CMF2_Fri_Home_Sweet_Home_awardPeople were able to socialize and exchange business cards and network as the Perfect Game function room was transformed from the film festival and readied for dancing and tunes being spun by an area DJ.CMF2_Fri_Mona_Lisa



Saturday’s film festival screenings took place at VARSITY, located in the heart of Kelley Square, located at 9 Kelley Square, with it’s 5 big screen televisions that were used to show the “Documentary Series” which included the following films:

  • “Can I Ask You Something?” by Benjamin Meadows
  • “The Journey: The Road To Recovery” by Mattie Castile and Angelique Webster
  • “Kicked From Place To Place” by Abena Oworae and N-CITE Media
  • “Looking From The Inside Out” by Katrese Anderson, Ngoc Ngo, Joseline Vazquez, and N-CITE Media
  • “Hip Hop: The Come Up” by Joshua Lopez, Dominque McQuiller, Olutimileyin Ogunjobi, and N-CITE Media
  • “The Day I Said Goodbye” by Caleb Encarracion-Rivera, Muneera Issa, Paul Takahashi, and N-CITE Media
  • “Women Together: From Tragedy To Triumph” by Nicole Belanger

The documentaries were amazing, moving and educational all at the same time.

CMF2_Sat_crowd CMF2_Sat_NCITE_2_crowd

The audience filled out their ballot and cast their vote for the ‘Audience Award’ winner and voted as the winner was “Can I Ask You Something?” by Benjamin Meadows, of North Andover, MA.

Then it was time to announce the CMF2 ‘Grand Prize’ winner and, once again, it was “Can I Ask You Something?” by Benjamin Meadows.CMF2_Sat_Double_Winner

And, last but not least the CMF2 team would like to award “Memories for Sale” by Christian de Rezendes (Breaking Branches Pictures) and “What Goes Aroundby Sean Carmichael (Merritt Films) with the “CMF2 Honorable Mention Award”.

A star-studded round of applause to all the filmmakers, directors, producers, editors and audio mixers that worked on the films, but a special ‘Thank you’ to all the great people that attended the 1st Annual CMF2 Fall Festival.

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