Thank you for attending ‘Youth Films & Fun’

Ced Boogie Arno x FFMTV x Music Mania TVThank you to great many people that attended the Central Mass Film Festival “Youth Films & Fun” on Friday at the White Eagle!!
We know that many people were delayed or couldn’t attend due to the torrential rain and flooding, but we had a great time and GREAT conversations!

A special, star-studded thank you to Dontae aka Ghost of the Machine for performing some powerful songs along with our filmmakers – Adam Zelny, Alia Watson and Kalifa Foreman – for allowing us to show their films!
Also, thank you to EPOCA  for providing the projector and sound system!
For those that would like to watch the films….here they are:
‘Summer Park Visions’ (Adam Zelny  of Worcester Think Tank & Technocopia)
‘Gentrifying Boston’ (Alia Watson of Press Pass TV)
‘Big City…Big DREAMS’ (Kalifa Foreman & Youth Media Specialists of Future Focus Media)
Stay tuned for more CMF2 movie screenings and if you have any questions, please feel free to email us at
Thank you and keep sharing YOUR stories!
Worcester Roots
Future Focus Media Co-op
Worcester Arts Council
Massachusetts Cultural Council
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