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And the Winners Are…YOU!

CMF2_Fri_From_outside_widThe Canal District and specifically the Perfect Game served as the host site for the kick off event for the 1st Annual Fall 2013 Film Festival by the Central Mass Film Festival (CMF2).

The Perfect Game, which is located in the heart of the Canal District at 64 Water Street, was buzzing with excitement as filmmakers, directors, editors and actors gathered in the function room and mingled as club-like music played over the speakers.

The energy was very positive and attendees traveled from Maine, Providence, RI, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Continue reading And the Winners Are…YOU!

[Recap] It’s A “Boyband” Kinda Night at the Hotel Vernon

_MG_6530What do get when you mix the clothing, cars, and era-specific language with an ‘80s attitude?Swatch

The end product is the laugh-out-loud “Boyband” movie, which was filmed throughout Worcester County, with many of the scenes being shot in Worcester. Continue reading [Recap] It’s A “Boyband” Kinda Night at the Hotel Vernon