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[Recap] It’s A “Boyband” Kinda Night at the Hotel Vernon

_MG_6530What do get when you mix the clothing, cars, and era-specific language with an ‘80s attitude?Swatch

The end product is the laugh-out-loud “Boyband” movie, which was filmed throughout Worcester County, with many of the scenes being shot in Worcester. Continue reading [Recap] It’s A “Boyband” Kinda Night at the Hotel Vernon

A Christmas Kiss – Friday, December 7th

CMF2′s 3rd event will be a screening of “A Christmas Kiss”, and discussion with the John Stimpson, Director and Andrea Ajemian, Co-Producer of Moody Independent Friday, December 7th at the Cantina Bar & Grill (385 Main St. in Worcester) 7 – 10 p.m. Free and open to the public. All ages.